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Windows Vista bagged

 February 2, 2007

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Quick Heal acclaimed 17th VB 100% award We are happy to announce that Quick Heal 2007 received VB100 % on Windows Vista Business Edition (32-bit). This test was the first test performed on Windows Vista for this year and we passed on first attempt. In total 15 Anti-Virus products were...

CVE-2007-0515 exploit targeted attack

 January 31, 2007

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Another Microsoft Word zero-day vulnerability has been discovered the fourth in two months. The flaw can be exploited by hacker to execute arbitrary code on the compromised system. An attacker could exploit this vulernabilitiy by enciting a user to open a malicous word file which could be located on a...


 January 15, 2007

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We are seeing again seeding of mails containing new variant of Warezov family. The attachments names could be as below postcard.exe message.msg.exe file.eml.scr It downloads additional components from domain, which is active. more info will be posted soon, at present we have released an outbreak update.

Release of Quick Heal 2007 series of products.

 January 5, 2007

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This week we have released Quick Heal 2007 series of products. We are releasing 2007 series in phases. In the first phase we have released following products: • Quick Heal AntiVirus Plus 2007 • Quick Heal Total Security 2007 We have also released major engine update for our existing user...

postcard.exe largely seeded

 December 29, 2006

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We just got reports that “postcard.exe” which is being spamed in Germany and Austria. We have just released an Outbreak Update for the same, detected as “Tibs.jy” More information on the Trojan will be available shortly on our website.

Holiday time… more spam

 December 24, 2006

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Few collection of SPAM mails Its holiday time, but it seem the Spammer are out there still working. We are seeing unusual growth in number of Spam mails on Vigra, Cialis and some phishing mails of online banks. On malware front we haven’t seen any major activities so far… We...

New Microsoft Word Vulnerability

 December 14, 2006

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We just received a Microsoft Word document file, which contains a new vulnerable exploit code. The flaw is due to a memory corruption error when handling a malformed document, which could be exploited by attackers to execute arbitrary commands by tricking a user into opening malformed Word document. As of...

Wrap up on Windows updates 2006

 December 13, 2006

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As we are nearing to the end of 2006, Microsoft had released the 3 critical and 4 important patch for this month. The patch released contains fixes for very critical vulnerability found in SNMP Buffer Overflow and Remote Installation Service. Which total a odd figure of 133 patch(Critical and Important)...

Time to Update Adobe Acrobat

 December 12, 2006

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If you regularly have to open .PDF files and are still using older version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, please switch to Adobe Acrobat 8.0. Multiple flaws has been reported in Acrobat Reader AcroReader Active X control. This flaw can be remotely exploited through a maliciously constructed web page with special...

Patch cycle skip

 December 8, 2006

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The last post on Zero Day CVE-2006-4777 had infomation about the new vulnerability which was discovered well before the Microsoft Patch Cycle. Yesterday Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification announced what the patch contains. They have not included fix for CVE-2006-4777Microsoft Security Advisory. So well before Microsoft action we have added...